Perfect Guide to Choose Cricket Bat

Your Perfect Guide To Choose Perfect Bat

Choosing a Proper Cricket Bat is very important step when you start playing any level of cricket. Choosing a perfect cricket bat is more difficult than you think. Almost every bat looks the same which makes it even tougher. Selection of a wrong size/ weight bat will reduce your level of performance. The following steps will help you to find the best suitable bat for you:

Willow of Cricket Bat


The two types of willow used for bat making are English Willow and Kashmir Willow. Short answer for what type of willow you buy is simply what type of cricket you play. Shortly, if you play Tennis Ball Cricket go for Kashmir Willow ( Cheap, strong and easy to find at most street stores). If you play Leather Ball cricket, only answer is Buy English Willow. English willow comes in different grades. Full details on English Willow can be found by clicking here.

Weight of Cricket Bat

If you choose a lighter bat then you will most likely have to compromise slightly on the thickness of the profile and edge profile but this should not be a problem. We strongly believe that, in order to get the best performance out of a bat the most essential element is to choose the right weight for you, this will really help you to time the ball better and ultimately make more runs. Pick the bat, feel the bat and choose whatever finds best in your hand. Choose max weight whatever be comfortable in your hand.

We feel pick-up is more important than dead weight as pick-up determines how the bat will feel in play. Nobody will be able to tell you what the right pick up is for you, or the exact weight you should use, it is a question of what feels right for you.

Sweet Spot Of Cricket Bat

The art of bat/ball contact in cricket batting is the key factor to ensure the most effective hit. There is an optimum location on the cricket bat blade; batters feel little force when they strike the ball and the impact point in that location is termed the sweet spot .


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